Wroclaw Space startup cooperates on the European moon mission


Space startups from Poland and Germany signed a letter of intent to develop the technology needed to send a microsatellite to the Moon’s orbit. The Polish signatory of the document is the Scanway company located in the Wrocław Technology Park.

One of the most interesting aspects of the lunar mission is the declaration of providing two experiments for university teams from Poland and Germany selected in national competitions. This initiative aims to engage young professionals in the development of their space skills and ambitions. Student projects that will receive a lunar ticket will be selected in 2021.

Scanway and German Orbital Systems are two companies related to the New Space market namely modern space technologies. Both companies develop innovative solutions for small CubeSat satellites and have a portfolio of many cosmic implementations in their portfolio.
More: http://www.technologpark.pl/aktualnosci/scanway-wysle-satelite-na-ksiezyc

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