Researchers from the Warsaw University of Technology working on a device to help identify skin cancers


Team under the direction of Dr Eng. Agnieszka Siemion from the Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology (PW), is working on the creation of optical systems for the device that will real-time imaging human skin, allowing identification of cancerous changes.

The T-SKIN project received funding in the ninth LIDER program organized by the National Center for Research and Development.

The device will be based on optical modules containing diffraction structures. These structures use the phenomenon of diffraction, which consists in the fact that the wave, when encountering an obstacle, changes the direction.

The scientists’ plans include creating an illumination and imaging system for the skin that focuses the radiation on the high power density spot and the system redirecting radiation reflected at different angles to the detector or matrix, which will also allow deeper layers of the skin to be examined.

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