Agreement between Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University and PKN Orlen


Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University (UKSW) in Warsaw has signed an agreement with PKN Orlen, which stipulates that within three years the Multidisciplinary Research Centre (MCB) of UKSW will perform material research and 3D printing expertise for Orlen Group. 

‘We are a young university, as we are only 25 years old, but we are not limiting ourselves to the humanities-theology-society area, but we are also entering the space of new technologies, which is why we have created a campus in Dziekanów Leśny. There we gather young scientists who, through the development of new technologies, will benefit PKN Orlen with the results of their research, as well as the development of the country’s technological mindset’, said the Rector of UKSW, Rev. Prof. Ryszard Czekalski.

Jan Szewczak, vice-president of PKN Orlen, stressed that the agreement with MCB UKSW is also important from the point of view of Orlen’s technological development into a multi-energy concern.

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