Almost 500 students from 39 countries to start studying at Gdansk University of Technology

Politechnika Gdańska

Almost 500 foreign students from 39 countries have been accepted to study at Gdansk University of Technology in the 2022/2023 academic year. Foreign students are increasingly keen to choose Gdansk University of Technology, with the greatest interest in studying at the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics.

The Gdansk University of Technology has welcomed foreign students from Belarus (111), Spain (101), Ukraine (79), France (45), Italy (22), Turkey (15), Germany (11), China (11), Lithuania (8), Portugal (7), Nigeria (6), Russia (6), Bangladesh (6) and a dozen other countries – including Mexico, the United States and Honduras.

The faculties of electronics, telecommunications and computer science (149), management and economics (118) and mechanical engineering and shipbuilding (71) were the most popular among foreign applicants. Of the almost 500 students, more than half are accepted for MA studies, the others will come to Gdansk under the Erasmus+ programme, the university reports.

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