Archaeologists from the University of Warsaw discovered unique paintings in Old Dongolia 

Centrum Archeologii Śródziemnomorskiej UW

Researchers from a team led by Dr Artur Obluski of the Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of Warsaw (UW) have discovered unique paintings depicting holy figures and King David, one of the last Macuritic rulers, at a previously unrecognised site in Old Dongolia. The research is being carried out under a European Research Council (ERC) grant.

Old Dongola is an archaeological site located in present-day Sudan, on the site of the city of Tungul, the Old Nubian capital of Makuria, a powerful medieval African state. 

Archaeologists from the UW made the discovery during the exploration of houses dating from the Funj period (16th to 19th century AD). The paintings found show the Virgin Mary, two figures of Christ, as well as a scene depicting the triad: Christ, the archangel Michael and the Nubian king David.