Career Directions


The Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the educational portal Perspektywy are inviting all secondary school graduates on June 22-26 to participate in the online event Career Directions.

It is a series of presentations of studies and professions that will facilitate the choice of the path of further education, as well as online meetings with experts, employers, researchers and students, which takes place as part of the STUDIA 2020 campaign. The campaign supports applying for studies in the 2020/2021 academic year.

During the five-day series of meetings, candidates will be able to learn more about humanities and social sciences (June 22), technical faculties (June 23), medical faculties (June 24), social and economic faculties (June 25), and June 26 about the strict, natural and agricultural faculties.
All parts of the Career Diections event will start at 14.00 and last until 17.00.