Clinical Research Support Center launched at the Medical University of Poznań

Dawid Tatarkiewicz/East News

The University Clinical Research Support Center has been opened at the Medical University of Poznań. The center will carry out clinical tests based on its own outpatient clinic and on the clinical base of clinical hospitals at the university in Poznań.

The main advantage of the Center is comprehensive support for clinical trials – from negotiating and concluding an agreement, through initiating the study and supporting research teams in its implementation, and ensuring the full composition of the team with the participation of researchers, nurses, pharmacists and coordinators. The center provides access to a large population of patients – 170,000 are hospitalized in clinical hospitals each year with about 400 thousand outpatient recpmmendations.

The center offers access to experienced researchers from many areas – incl. oncology, hematology and transplantation, chemotherapy, gynecology, pulmonology, cardiology and cardiosurgery, hypertension, metabolic diseases, rheumatology, neurology, neonatology and pediatrics.



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