Collaboration between the Poznań University of Life Sciences, the State Water Management Company Wody Polskie and the Pątnów Adamów Konin Power Plant Complex

Mateusz Grochocki/East News

The Poznań University of Life Sciences (UPP) and the State Water Management Company Wody Polskie and Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów Adamów Konin SA (ZE PAK SA), have signed a letter of intent to cooperate for the ongoing energy transition at ZE PAK SA, using the signatories’ substantive and technical potential in the field of environmental and technical studies of planned investments.

Activities are to be undertaken in particular with regard to the assessment of the location of the nuclear power plant, the restoration of water resources in eastern Wielkopolska, and the ongoing revitalisation of mining and industrial areas.

Such plans are in line with the goals and recommendations for reducing negative impacts on the environment, developing alternative fuels and improving energy efficiency, which are set out in documents at national and EU level”.

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