Competition “Where science meets art”

dr szt. Sebastian Smit UMCS

As part of the TRANSLACORE project, in collaboration with the “International Poster Biennale Lublin” and under the auspices of the ARTUNITY art movement and Maria-Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin, a unique competition has been launched representing a fusion of the scientific world and the artistic realm.

In reference to the theme of the Biennale, i.e. ‘Where Science Meets Art’, the organisers are looking for artistic forms that define the eternal cycle of health and illness in human life, taking into account the science involved in research into innovative methods for treating diseases such as cancer. 

In a spirit of collaboration and exchange of ideas, the organisers hope that such artistic expression will help a wide range of people to engage, question and discuss, as part of the development of a modern knowledge society.


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