Gdańsk University of Technology developing an ecological carbon dioxide absorbent

Rafal Jablonski/East News

Scientists from the Gdańsk University of Technology are conducting research on the creation of an ionic liquid that will absorb carbon dioxide without any negative impact on the environment.

Technologies for carbon sequestration are still being modified. Many of the currently used absorbents, although fulfilling their main function of carbon dioxide absorber, have various disadvantages, and some of them are harmful to the natural environment.

“Our goal is to find substances that will be the best carbon dioxide absorbent, and their use will be as ecological and safe for the environment as possible”, explains Karol Baran, a student of the chemical faculty and the originator of the research.

The ionic liquids developed in Gdańsk are substances with special properties. They fit into the assumptions of the so-called green chemistry. They are used in outlets from various processes, where they can purify gases, e.g. in chimneys, scrubbers, etc.