Gdansk University of Technology researchers building innovative, next-generation unmanned boat 

Mateusz Groth Politechnika Gdańska

Researchers from the Gdansk University of Technology are building an innovative, next-generation unmanned boat. “Hornet” will be the first such vessel in Poland, which will be used to inspect shipping channels and patrol offshore wind farms. 

The boat with its base equipment is already completed. Researchers from the Gdansk-based university are now working on solutions for so-called edge and cloud technologies using artificial intelligence and machine learning. They will develop and implement a jam-resistant wireless communication system.

The Hornet will be equipped with a variety of advanced sensors familiar from autonomous cars, such as lidars that accurately detect the shapes of objects on the surface of the water, as well as short-range radars, thermal and video cameras and acoustic sonars that allow accurate imaging of what is below the surface of the water.

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