Gdańsk University of Technology to develop environmentally safe 5G technologies


Gdańsk University of Technology is implementing the BEYOND5 project: Building the fully European supplY chain on RFSOI, enabling New RF Domains for Sensing, Communication, 5G and beyond. This is a pioneering technological enterprise realized by the consortium consisting of the most important European entities developing 5G systems based on FDSOI integrated circuit technology.

The budget of the project is over 97 million euro with 36 partners from EU countries, Turkey, Israel and Switzerland participating in it. The 5G technology will contribute to the application of high-scale joining of integrated circuits and providing the possibility of mass production of reliable components for 5G, with low negative impact on the environment.

Gdańsk researchers will work on the advanced antenna systems enabling dynamic adaptation of 5G wireless systems to the working conditions in order to ensure reliable communication with increased resistance to radio interference.