Gdańsk University of Technology to improve the effectiveness of hadron radiation therapy

Bartosz Bańka Politechnika Gdańska

Scientists and students of the Gdańsk University of Technology are working on a methodology and technology that improves the effectiveness of hadron radiotherapy. The aim of the research is to develop new solutions for oncology clinics all over the world.

The creator of one of the most innovative methods of imaging 3D dose distributions of ionizing radiation in gel phantoms, which can be used in radiotherapy of neoplastic diseases is Dr Eng. Marek Maryański, Gdańsk University of Technology from the Institute of Nanotechnology and Materials Science.

The aim of the researchers is to develop a new type of gel phantom dosimeters (simulating human tissues), taking into account the differentiation depending on the type of radiation and the type of tissue, e.g. brain, muscle, lung. Preliminary results of the research give hope that the method of verification of the precision of irradiation, which his team is working on, has a very good chance of success and will enter clinics all over the world.


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