Graduates of the Silesian University of Technology receive awards in the competition of the Polish Space Agency

Tomasz Kawka/East News

Graduates of the Silesian University of Technology’s Institute of Physics – Rafał Osadnik, Eng. and Radosław Paluch, Eng. have been awarded prizes in the competition for the best thesis in the field of space research, organised by the Polish Space Agency.

Both men were laureates in the engineering and bachelor’s thesis category, for which a total of 23 works were submitted. Eng. Rafał Osadnik won the second degree award for his thesis ‘Reconstruction and analysis of a weightless state in laboratory conditions with the use of a clinostat’, while Eng. Radosław Paluch won an additional award for his thesis ‘Design and construction of a solar simulator for applications in satellite technologies’.

The results of the nationwide competition were announced during the Student Space Conference held on 20 and 21 October at Wrocław University of Science and Technology. The fifth competition received 49 works submitted from 19 national research units”.

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