Invention that destroys bacteria using plasma and protects crops and ornamental plants

Karol Makurat/REPORTER

Destroying bacteria with the help of plasma and thus protecting cultivated and ornamental plants from diseases – this is the main task of the invention entitled ‘Method of deactivating antibiotics in aqueous solutions’, developed by scientists from the University of Gdansk and the Wroclaw University of Technology. The invention has received patent protection.

The subject of the invention is a method of deactivating antibiotics from aqueous solutions using a direct-current glow discharge generated at atmospheric pressure in contact with a flowing liquid in a continuous flow system.

The solution, used in the invention, activated by means of plasma, destroys pathogenic bacteria against cultivated and ornamental plants, thus contributing to their protection. This is a response to the losses recorded in the agricultural and horticultural sector due to the presence of pathogenic bacteria on plants.

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