Joseph Conrad Fellowship programme

Instytut De Republica

The De Republica Institute is awaiting projects for the Joseph Conrad Fellowship programme until 20 November. The programme is addressed to young humanists, students and artists (who are under 35 years of age) interested in contemporary cultural, social and economic developments.

Financial support, a series of semester-long meetings and a trip to the Summer School will be available to participants. 

The De Republica Institute emphasises that the programme offer is designed for people interested in the humanities in the broadest sense. At a time when scientific disciplines are becoming more and more restricted, the Institute’s aim is to combine the disciplines of literary studies with sociology, philosophy with political science, cultural studies with the history of ideas. 

In this way, it intends to return to the origins of the humanities, which aims not only to acquire general knowledge about the world, but also to understand the processes taking place in the world. 

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