Lublin Castle to launch ‘Weekend with archaeology’  


On 27-28 August 2022. Lublin Castle is inviting visitors to a ‘Weekend with Archaeology’. The Institute of Archaeology of the Maria Curie Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin is the scientific partner of the event, which is organised by the National Museum in Lublin. 

The programme of the event includes: reconstructions, demonstrations and workshops, an early music concert performed by the ” Companion of Saint Vitus” ensemble from Lublin, and presentations and lectures summarising the archaeological research in Czermno conducted by the Institute of Archaeology of the UMCS.

The castle courtyard will be home to craft, educational and interactive stands: a weaver’s workshop, a medieval mint and a coin minting demonstration.

Participants in the event will also learn about lighting in the Middle Ages: torches, candle-making and fire-making techniques, and the castle walls will host calligraphy, i.e. learning to write using historical methods and instruments.