Lublin University of Technology assessed first in the IARP TOP 10 2021 ranking


Lublin University of Technology (PL) took first place in the IARP TOP 10 2021 ranking of universities educating architects. Its graduates pass the design qualification exam the best among 35 universities (81% pass rate). The Lodz University of Technology and the Opole University of Technology had a 75% success rate. The aim of the ranking is to monitor the quality of architects’ education. 

The list was prepared by the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland (IARP). This year, the Chamber for the first time carried out a classification of architectural schools, in which the only criterion was the result of the examination for design qualifications. This criterion is objective, as the exams are held on the same principles throughout Poland and with the same set of questions.

Architectural qualifications allow performing independent technical functions in construction within architecture. Upon graduation, an architect does not yet have such a right. This possibility is given by passing the design qualification examination.

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