Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation joins consortia to implement projects under the European Defense Fund

Instytut Lotnictwa

The European Commission announced the results of the competition as part of the European Defense Fund (EDF) 2021 supporting R&D projects in the area of advanced technologies in security and defense of European Union countries. The winning applications included two projects submitted by the consortia membered by the Łukasiewicz – Institute of Aviation: EU HYDEF and NEUMANN.

EU HYDEF (European Hypersonic Defense Interceptor) is a conceptual project aimed at the development of an endoatmospheric system for intercepting air threats predicted in the 2035+ perspective. The consortium consists of 14 partners from 7 European countries. The project will run for 36 months. The project budget is EUR 110 million.

NEUMAN (Novel Energy and propUlsion systeMs for Air dominance) is a project aimed at developing a proposal of technological solutions in the field of propulsion systems / subsystems and energy management for fighter aircraft engines. The consortium consists of 38 partners from 14 European countries. The project budget is EUR 56.5 million.

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