Magnetic paint that protects against pathogens and cleans itself

sima/ easyfotostock/East News

Izabela Malinowska, a doctoral student at the Gdansk University of Technology, has developed a paint and putty with self-cleaning, biocidal and magnetic properties. The composition created at the university’s chemistry department was awarded at the International Warsaw Exhibition of Inventions.

The hybrid paint fights bacteria, removes stains and frees the air in the room from harmful compounds, and replaces the magnetic board. It is complemented by a biocidal and self-cleaning smooth finish. In tandem, they will provide protection against the growth of pathogens inside the building. The invention can prove itself in hospitals, clinics or schools, among others.  

The self-cleaning effect of the paint is that, on contact with pollution, the photocatalytic additive present in it breaks down dirt, greasy contaminants and destroys pathogens. In addition, the use of the paint on the walls will ensure that the air is cleaned of volatile organic pollutants or NOx (harmful nitrogen oxides).

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