Medical University of Wrocław to extract medicinal compounds from the Baikal scutellaria

Uniwersytet Medyczny we Wrocławiu

Researchers at the Medical University of Wrocław want to extract more medicinal compounds from the Baikal scutellaria. Their research is the first in the world to include not only the use of electrical impulses, but also plant-neutral solvents. This is expected to allow valuable active substances to be repeatedly extracted from the roots.

Baikal scutellaria is increasingly used in medicine and produces many substances with great therapeutic potential, which could become medicines in the future. The researchers want to stimulate the growth of its root, which contains the most interesting compounds, and repeatedly isolate substances from the same plant.

The plant is found in China, Russia, and Mongolia. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and in 2011 it was included in the European Pharmacopoeia – an inventory of plant raw materials, active substances and substrates used in the preparation of pharmaceutical products.

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