Minister of Education and Science inaugurates the Mazovian Folk University


The Mazovian Folk University (MUL) is a social initiative that will operate according to the idea of lifelong learning. Participants in the venture will be able to deepen their knowledge, develop their interests and skills.

During the inauguration of the MUL, the Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, gave a lecture ‘Heritage for the Future’. The meeting, which took place in Dębe Wielkie, was attended by residents of the Minsk, Węgrów and Garwolin districts. They also took part in a workshop: “How to combine tradition with the challenges of modernity?”

As part of the MUL, a series of meetings and lectures will be held in the districts of Minsk, Węgrów and Garwolin in the first half of 2023. Among the speakers will be Professor Rafał Wiśniewski, Director of the National Cultural Centre, Professor Władysław T. Bartoszewski, academic teacher, historian and politician, Anna Popek, radio and television journalist, Katarzyna Saks, Director of the National Institute of Culture and Rural Heritage. 

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