Mongolia’s highest state decoration awarded to Dr Jan Rogala from the University of Warsaw

fot. Ragchaa Byambaa

The President of Mongolia has awarded Dr Jan Rogala of the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw (UW) the highest state decoration of the Republic of Mongolia – the Order of the Polar Star (Altan Gadas Odon).

The Order is in recognition of Dr Rogala’s research and teaching work in Mongolian culture and history, as well as his activities for Polish-Mongolian cooperation.

Dr Rogala teaches and conducts research on the modern Mongolian language, culture and history of Mongolia. He is the author of several scientific and popular science publications, including the first Polish textbook on the Mongolian language. 

His interests also include contemporary Polish-Mongolian relations. Dr Rogala has acted as an interpreter during meetings of the highest state and local authorities. He works closely with the Mongolian Embassy in Poland to promote Mongolian culture and develop relations between the two nations.