National Centre of Science resolved POLONEZ BIS 3 competition


47 projects with the total budget of PLN 48.1 million will be implemented by researchers from all over the world, who will come to Poland in the framework of the POLONEZ BIS 3 competition.

In the just concluded third and final competition of the POLONEZ BIS programme, a total of 230 applications were submitted. After formal and content-related evaluation, 47 projects were qualified for financing. There will be 23 projects in science and technology, 12 in the humanities, social sciences and arts and 12 in life sciences.

Scientists awarded in the POLONEZ BIS 3 competition will come to Poland from India, the USA, Great Britain, Italy, Singapore, Sweden, Israel, Estonia, Turkey, the Czech Republic or Australia. The National Science Centre and the European Commission have awarded a total of PLN 48.1 million to fund projects in this competition.

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