New campus of the Poznań University of Technology located in Kąkolewo

Politechnika Poznańska

A new campus of the Poznań University of Technology has been opened at the former airport in Kąkolewo near Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Innovative research projects related to aviation, aerospace and robotics will be carried out there.

The campus will be the site of airport ecological research and air pollution measurements. It will host laboratory and aircraft operational research – pilot environment assessment, design and construction of unmanned aircraft. 

Also, a satellite ground communication station and a radio measurement laboratory will be established in Kąkolewo. It would be possible to develop optical observation systems thanks to a modern scientific and research infrastructure.

The new campus will be one of the most important research and innovation areas for air transport, logistics, monitoring, surveillance and the neutralisation of incidents and disasters. It has been built with the support of the European Union to the tune of PLN 36 million.

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