New invention receives “Powered by Krakow University of Technology” quality mark

Politechnika Krakowska

A derivative of lupeol, an innovatively modified component of birch bark, is a new compound, developed by the team of Dr Magdalena Malinowska from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology at Krakow University of Technology (PK), which will be used to create natural cosmetic products with anti-ageing, intensive skin care and restorative effects.

The new invention will be marketed by the LUBA company,” informs PK and emphasises that the company’s new products, based on the patented solution from PK, will be premiered with the quality mark “Powered by Krakow University of Technology”. 

These are not the first natural cosmetics to be invented in PK laboratories and to reach the market. Alcohol-free nanoperfumes or make-up products based on polytechnic inventions, among others, are already available in Polish and foreign drugstores.

Dr Magdalena Malinowska, together with her team, conducted chemical modification of the structure of lupeol for 5 years of her PhD, followed by another 2 years of pre-implementation research, obtaining various derivatives of lupeol and evaluating their activity for possible use as a new, multifunctional ingredient in cosmetic or medical preparations.

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