Nicolaus Copernicus University researchers win Sonata competition

Arkadiusz Ziolek/ East News

Two researchers at the Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK) in Toruń were among the winners of the Sonata BIS competition of the National Science Centre. In the 12th competition, 58 laureates were selected from among 400 applications submitted: 9 in the humanities, social sciences and arts, 33 in science and technology and 16 in life sciences.

Dr Piotr Wcisło, Professor at the UMK Department of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, will receive more than PLN 4.4 million for the project ‘Development of research on molecular collisions to the limits of computational methods of quantum physics and ultrafine laser spectroscopy; a new approach to the generation of reference spectroscopic data for the study of planetary atmospheres’.

Dr Karolina Mikulska-Rumińska from the Department of Biophysics will receive almost PLN 2.5 million for the project ‘Computer decryption of the pro-ferroptotic cell death protein machinery as a fundamental step in the search for therapeutic targets in pneumonia and cystic fibrosis’.

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