PhD student from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań receives the Gold Medal INTARG 2022

Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu

Anna Jasińska, a PhD student from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań won the gold medal at the International Trade Fair for Inventions and Innovations INTARG 2022. She was awarded in the Young Inventor category for a piece of furniture that can be adapted to the changing needs and dimensions of the room.

The piece of furniture is divided into sections that enable multiple changes of their width and number, and additionally, it allows users to change its overall width without the use of tools. A typical place of its application is the kitchen – it can be adjusted to the width of the room and adapt to the replaced household appliances.

The invention uses an innovative solution that allows users to adjust the width of its door. Thanks to the ingenious frames in which two board formats are placed, the door can be stretched. Elements of multi-module development can be hung on the wall, fill recesses and constitute standing cabinets.