Pioneering operation at the Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw


For the first time in the world such a complicated operation was performed on such a small child. In the Children Oncology Surgery of Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw, an 8-month-old girl was implanted with a humeral endoprosthesis.

The innovative operation was performed by surgeons: Andrzej Szafrański, Bartosz Pachuta and Magdalena Rychłowska-Pruszyńska.
After the removal of the disease outbreak (the Ewing sarcoma) the doctors used a special mechanical endoprosthesis, adapted for such a small patient; the length of her humerus is 10 cm. Without the implant, removing the lesions would require amputation of the whole bone.
The applied endoprosthesis will be extended as the girl’s arm grows and then will be replaced by a larger one. After some time it will be possible to use an electromagnetically prolonged implant (kp)


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