Polish-Norwegian consortium develops breakthrough system for removing pollutants in water

Politechnika Gdańska

Researchers from a Polish-Norwegian consortium, with the participation of specialists from the Gdansk University of Technology, are developing an intelligent system to neutralise harmful substances in water on the basis of carbon electrodes. The energy-efficient system will enable the oxidation of pollutants and a shorter disposal chain.

As part of the international i-CLARE project, a digital water treatment technology is being developed to help cities better adapt to climate change. Being developed by an interdisciplinary research team, the system is expected to identify and adjust the most effective operating parameters to inactivate harmful organic pollutants dissolved in water.

The researchers will be examining ten substances from the pharmaceutical, pesticide and dioxin groups that are present in rainwater and domestic wastewater. Researchers from the Gdansk university are working on low-cost carbon electrodes on which the electrolyser will be based being the backbone of the entire system.

Read more: https://pg.edu.pl/aktualnosci/2022-09/powstanie-przelomowy-system-usuwania-zanieczyszczen-w-wodzie

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