Poll for the most important word of 2022


The poll for the most important word of 2022 has begun. Until 31 December, internet users can vote for the word they think best characterises the last twelve months.  

On the website sloworoku.uw.edu.pl, everyone can choose one of more than twenty given words (including ‘war’, ‘drone’, ‘inflation’, ‘omicron’) or submit their own proposal. 

The selection of the word, in parallel with the online voting, will also be made by the poll’s jury. The competition will be decided in early 2023.

This year’s is the 12th competition organised by the Institute of Polish Language at the University of Warsaw. Each year, participants select the words that most reflect the important themes and events of the past twelve months.

Based on the choice of both internet users and the jury, the word of 2021 became ‘vaccination’, the word of 2020 was ‘coronavirus’, in 2019 the jury chose ‘climate’ and the internet users chose ‘LGBT’.

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