Poznań University of Economics to carry out projects under the ‘Social Responsibility of Science’ programme


The Poznań University of Economics (UEP) will implement two projects under the Ministry of Education and Science’s programme ‘Social Responsibility of Science’. The projects will be implemented by the UEP Main Library and the UEP Fundraising Office.

The first project involves making the digital version of the publication “Bibliography of the economy of Wielkopolska in the years 1919-1939” available online on the platform of the Wielkopolska Digital Library and a specially prepared subpage of the Poznań University of Economics website. This will make the bibliography available in full and increase sources of information on the economy of Wielkopolska in the years 1919-1939.

The aim of the second project, “Retroconversion of the alphabetical card catalogue of the Main Library of the Poznań University of Economics for books published up to 1950”, is to disseminate knowledge from all disciplines of science practised at UEP by making available information on library resources published up to 1950. 

Read more: https://ue.poznan.pl/pl/aktualnosci,c16/aktualnosci,c15/dofinansowanie-dla-uep-z-programu-spoleczna,a108113.html

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