Poznan University of Technology researchers to investigate impact of technology on privacy and security

SAKKMESTERKE/ Science Photo Library/ RF /East News

Researchers from Poznan University of Technology and universities from seven European countries will undertake a study to verify how metaverse technologies will affect privacy, security, inclusion and the future of work in a changing society.

In a project under the XR Programs and Research Fund, the Poznan University of Technology team will propose a software platform based on the idea of metaverse, which could ultimately become a unique, inclusive virtual space that compensates for the disadvantages experienced by people vulnerable to social exclusion due to their age, health or family situation and increases their well-being. 

The proposed solution will make it possible to stay and perform together with other users, who are not physically present in the same place, a variety of activities and to develop social ties. 

Read more: https://www.put.poznan.pl/artykul/naukowcy-z-pp-o-rozszerzonej-rzeczywistosci

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