Poznan University of Technology to implement the project ‘INNOGOW – Supporting innovation in large-scale waste management’

Fot. Lukasz Gdak/East News

Poznan University of Technology will implement the project ‘INNOGOW – Supporting innovation in large-volume waste management’. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Science under the ‘Science for Society II’ programme.

The scientific objective of the project will be to develop innovative solutions for the effective management of bulky waste, mainly wood and wood-based materials, as well as polyurethane foams used in the manufacture of furniture and upholstered products, which represent a significant part of this waste stream. Solutions will include the preparation of innovative intermediates and components to produce polymer-wood composites and wood-based materials in granular form.

In the social aspect, the aim will be to strengthen society’s awareness of pro-environmental issues and to popularise knowledge, including that gained under the project, in the field of recycling and waste management.

Read more: https://www.put.poznan.pl/artykul/projekt-pp-z-finansowaniem-ministerstwa-edukacji-i-nauki

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