Prize of the Minister of Development and Technology for the system developed at the University of Wrocław

Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Prof Tomasz Niedzielski, Dr Mirosława Jurecki and Dr Bartłomiej Miziński from the Department of Geoinformatics and Cartography at the University of Wrocław have won the Award of the Minister of Development and Technology in the geoinformatics. They were awarded in the ‘innovative solutions’ category for the SARUAV System for automatic detection of people in aerial photographs, reports the university.

Saruav is a tool to support the search for missing persons. The system in the first step determines the potential area where the missing person may be located. A drone is then sent over the designated area to take hundreds of detailed aerial photographs.

The images are sent for analysis by an algorithm designed to find people. This is the biggest challenge for the project, because on the one hand the technology has to be adapted to accurately identify people, and on the other hand the operations have to be automated and the conditions for processing data have to be created in order to give the location of the person being searched for to rescuers as quickly as possible.

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