Researchers of the University of Silesia Gold medal of the International Trade Fair for Inventions and Innovations INTARG 

Adrian Slazok/REPORTER

Scientists from the University of Silesia (UŚ) won the gold medal at the XV International Fair of Inventions and Innovations INTARG in Katowice. Their invention was awarded “Hybrid Dental Implants for Applications in Controlled Drug Release Systems”.

The invention by Eng. Patrycja Osak, Dr Bożena Łosiewicz from the University of Silesia, Dr Joanna Maszybrocka and Dr Julian Kubisztala from the faculty of exact and technical sciences will allow for painless application, faster healing and a significant acceleration of bone tissue regeneration.

The solution concerns the production of innovative dental implants, the surface of which is modified by applying hybrid coatings consisting of amorphous calcium phosphate sub-coatings and microfibrous polymer coatings constituting an intelligent drug carrier.

The goal of the Katowice fair is to establish international business contacts between representatives of the world of science, industry, business and finance.

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