Rover of Wrocław University of Science and Technology students becomes best at the Anatolian Rover Challenge

Politechnika Wrocławska

Students from the Off-Road Science Club – operating at Wrocław University of Science and Technology – defeated 11 teams and took first place in the Turkish competition of Rover Challenge. The students flew to the competition with the Scorpio X rover.

As in other competitions from the prestigious Rover Challenge series (organized in the USA, Canada and India), in the Anatolian Rover Challenge student teams faced three missions: Earth, Martian and Lunar mission, divided into four competitions. Students from Wrocław competed there with 11 teams from the Czech Republic, India, Turkey, Poland, Bangladesh and Great Britain.

The Off-Road Scientific Club is one of the five strategic clubs of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. It operates at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and includes most of its members from the university. It is made up of students from all faculties of the university, and even from outside. Students from the Universities of Economics and Wrocław and the WSB University are also participating in the work.


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