Scientist of the Medical University of Wroclaw awarded the Iuvenes Wratislaviae 2019 prize


Dr Błażej Misiak from the Medical University of Wrocław received the Iuvenes Wratislaviae 2019 Award funded by the Wrocław Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of life, exact and technical sciences.

The prize is awarded once a year and is intended for scientists under 37 years of age who hold a PhD title and work permanently in the Lower Silesia region. Dr Błażej Misiak received it for research on the clinical and genetic determinants of discrete metabolic disorders in the first episode of psychotic disorders in the circle of schizophrenia.

The distinction is also awarded for achievements in the field of humanities, social sciences and arts. This year’s laureate in this category was Dr Aleksandra Kubas-Kruk from the vocal department of the Music Academy in Wrocław.

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