Students of the Lodz University of Technology creating a car powered by solar energy

Facebook Lodz Solar Team

Students from the Lodz University of Technology, in the Solar Team, are working on Eagle Two, a car powered by solar energy.

So far, the Eagle Two vehicle has managed to cover 965 kilometers with an average speed of 45 km / h. A car with only the driver on board is able to reach up to 120 km / h. It is equipped with one large battery capable of storing an energy of 60 KwH.

Eagle Two is the successor of Eagle One, which won many awards at international competitions, and it looked like a drop of water. Eagle Two looks more futuristic.

“The main reason for this shape of Eagle One is aerodynamics. With Eagle Two, we found that we needed to optimize it, both in terms of aerodynamics and the surface area of the solar panels. There are currently 5 square meters of solar panels on Eagle Two. The surface of the roof and the trunk lid were used to the maximum”, explained Bartosz Rus, coordinator of the project team.

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