Students of the University of Opole come second in the prestigious geoinformatics competition


Dr Eng. Barbara Wiatkowska from the Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management at the University of Opole and Anna Mieszczak, a student in the field of spatial management, took second place in the prestigious geoinformatics competition for researchers and students “Geo survey in Survey123 for ArcGIS”.

The competition was organized by ESRI Polska (Environmental Systems Research Institute), a world leader in the design and implementation of modern GIS (Geographic Information System) technology solutions.

The goal was to develop an original geo questionnaire pattern, conduct research involving the local community, and develop digital models as part of the obtained results. The winners took up the subject of preventing adverse changes occurring in the natural environment of urban areas as a result of urbanization processes, by implementing solutions in the field of blue and green infrastructure.