University of Gdańsk launched Polish-Ukrainian application – a tutorial in finance and banking

Uniwersytet Gdański

Dr Nina Stepanok and Dr Patryk Kaczmarek from the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Gdańsk have created a tutorial on finance and banking in Polish and Ukrainian in the form of an application. Users can find out, for example, what are assets, marginal income or minimum wage.

“On the one hand, the purpose of the application is to help students from Ukraine acquire the Polish language and learn financial issues. On the other hand, the possibility of acquiring the economic nomenclature by all interested parties who would like to have a good understanding of the issues in the field of finance and banking”, says Dr Kaczmarek.

The application is to be used in the future not only to study economics and finance, but also to be a broader tool facilitating the assimilation of other disciplines, such as history, biology or psychology. Currently, the application works on Android, but there are also plans to create an iOS version.