University of Gdańsk maintains last year’s position in the QS World University Rankings

Uniwersytet Gdański

The University of Gdańsk (UG) maintained its last year’s position in the QS World University Rankings. The university was in the range of 801-1000 among 1,422 listed universities from around the world.

The QS ranking is based on six main evaluation criteria, with 50% of their value are rated by reputation from experts and employers around the world. The other evaluation criteria and their weights are: the ratio of the number of lecturers to the number of students (20%), the number of citations (20%), the degree of internationalization measured by the number of research workers and students from abroad (5% each).

The best rated indicator turned out to be participation in international research networks – the university in this indicator came fourth in Poland and 439th in the world. The progress made by UG reflects the fact that in the latest QS ranking, UG is in the 56% group. of the best universities, while a year ago it was the range of 62%, two years ago 68% and three years ago 75%.

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