University of Gdansk researcher wins Scientist of the Future 2023 award

fot. Uniwersytet Gdański

The director of the International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Research at the University of Gdansk, Prof. Natalia Marek-Trzonkowska, has won the Scientist of the Future 2023 award in the category Woman of Science Who Changes the World.

Prof. Marek-Trzonkowska was awarded for her research into personalised therapy against non-small cell lung cancer and type 1 diabetes therapy in children using regulatory T cells (Treg), and for her open approach to dissemination and popularisation of scientific research results.

Scientist of the Future is a distinction awarded to Polish and foreign researchers carrying out innovative scientific projects that have implementation potential and impact on society. The process of selecting the winners is a multi-stage one, and in addition to the scientific and implementation value of the conducted research, the activity popularising the candidate’s science and active cooperation with business are also assessed.


Medicine and biotechnology