University of Łódź to launch new postgraduate studies


The pandemic has shown that nowadays people live in a dynamic world that is difficult to predict. Organizational leaders of all levels of management have faced challenges in operating and making decisions in an environment with high volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. These challenges can be dealt with the latest postgraduate study at the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz (UŁ) – Agile Management in the World VUCA.

The main goal of the new study is the development of so-called competences of the leaders of the future. The program is based on the latest Learning Agility model within 5 areas:

Mental agility – the ability to critically assess situations and solve problems in an unconventional and unique way

People agility – the ability to build relationships with people with different preferences, the ability to manage difficult, ambiguous situations in order to consolidate and act together

Change agility – the ability to manage people in constantly changing conditions and to cope with the feeling of discomfort in connection with the experienced change

Results agility – delivering results in the first terms by appropriately inspiring others and building self-confidence

Self-awareness – the ability to self-reflect the leader and define his strengths and areas for development, awareness of the impact of his own behavior on other people.

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