University of Szczecin employees become co-authors of the Stock Exchange’s anniversary publication

Uniwersytet Szczeciński

Employees of the Institute of Economics and Finance at the University of Szczecin were invited to contribute to the publication ‘Understanding the Polish Capital Market – from Emerging to Developed’ published on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In the book, one can read about the development, challenges and role of our capital market in Poland’s socio-economic transformation, which was not so obvious back in the early 1990s. At the time, many economists and investors did not believe that Warsaw would become the financial centre of the region and that the WSE would be the largest stock exchange among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. 

The monograph was published by the prestigious Routledge publishing house and consists of 16 texts by various authors. One of the chapters on the premium for the acquisition of ownership control was written by researchers at the Szczecin University. The co-editor of the publication is Professor Dariusz Zarzecki from the Department of Finance and Banking.

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