Youth Nature University


The Faculty of Biology at the University of Białystok (UwB) is awaiting applications for the third Youth Nature University until 10 February. A total of 216 people from several provinces in north-eastern Poland can take part in the interdisciplinary classes under the guidance of academic staff.

The main aim of the project will be to familiarise participants with the concept of biodiversity. During workshops and lectures, students will learn about and use various technologies that help research and protect biodiversity.

“In this Youth Nature University, we will combine achievements from the natural and exact sciences: biology, chemistry, physics, computer science and mathematics. For example, we want to show how artificial intelligence can help us preserve and develop biodiversity”, announces Dr Ada Wróblewska, Professor UwB, project coordinator.

Workshops and lectures will be conducted by academic teachers and doctoral students from the Faculties of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and the Institute of Computer Science at UwB. Artificial intelligence in the hands of a molecular biologist, biological invasion control, luminescence, neural networks in the intelligent vehicle of the future, green energy or mathematical modelling of natural phenomena are just some of the topics planned by the organisers.