16th Małopolska Researchers’ Night to be held on 30 September


This year’s the 16th Małopolska Night of Scientists will take place on 30 September. On that night, the universities of Małopolska will open their doors to all those interested in experiments, shows, lectures and discussions about science.

According to the organisers, Małopolska Researchers’ Night 2022 will be exceptional. As in previous years, there will be no lack of great experiences, and thanks to the event’s on-line format, not only science enthusiasts from Krakow and Malopolska, but also from all over Poland, will be able to participate in the event.

Nearly 2,000 proposals have been prepared in nearly 40 science institutions.

“Young people today limit their search for knowledge to typing a question into a search engine. And we want this search for knowledge, this hunger for knowledge, to be associated with drawing conclusions on their own”, said Deputy Marshal of Małopolska Józef Gawron.

During the event, visitors will have the opportunity to become a master of lightning in the High Voltage Laboratory, taste artificial caviar and fruit spaghetti prepared in the molecular kitchen and take a close look at an electric car. 

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