A doctoral student at the Wrocław University of Life Sciences determines optimal parameters of geodetic satellites’ orbits

NASA/Novapix/ Bridgeman Images/ East News

A PhD student at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław is researching simulations of orbits and global geodetic parameters for future geodetic satellite missions. Joanna Najdar is planning to create a tool that could significantly help the currently developing space sector.

In her work, the researcher attempts to determine the optimal parameters of the orbits of future geodetic satellites so as to maximise their contribution and increase the accuracy of determining global geodetic parameters, such as the coordinates of the Earth’s centre of mass, polar coordinates, day-length excess, Earth flattening coefficients, geocentre coordinates or Earth rotation parameters.

This will not only improve the quality of parameters that are crucial for determining the mass loss of glaciers in Greenland or for determining the magnitude of sea and ocean level rise, but will also help to reduce the number of satellite launches.

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