Another Polish research team becomes a laureate of the CHIST-Era competition


A Polish research team was among the winners of a competition organised by the CHIST-Era network. The researchers will receive more than PLN 1.1 million to carry out an international project  ‘Interventions against the phenomenon of polarisation in society for trustworthy social media: From diagnosis to therapy’, which is led and coordinated by Dr Katarzyna Budzyńska from the Warsaw University of Technology.

The award-winning international project also involves researchers from Belgium, Spain and Switzerland.

The researchers assume that their project will provide “the largest textual dataset analysed for strategies related to the use of ethos, pathos and framing techniques; a new methodology for large-scale trust analytics for detecting implicit patterns and trends in hate speech and fake news, a novel empirical account of how these patterns affect the polarisation of online communication and society as a whole; and applications based on artificial intelligence that, based on the results from the previous steps, will provide opportunities to perform interventions against hate speech and fake news.”

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