University of Gdansk implementing the ‘Blue Supply Chains’ project funded by the Interreg programme

Artur Barbarowski/East News

The ‘Blue Supply Chains’ project, which is being implemented at the University of Gdansk (UG), has received funding from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2021-2027 programme. The area of research is atmospheric emissions generated by port transport and handling equipment, specifically their reduction.

The aim is to develop and disseminate knowledge on available and developing technologies to reduce the negative effects of transport and handling activities in seaports – especially small and medium-sized ports, which, due to their smaller turnover, are unable to generate their own comprehensive solutions to protect the environment.

“Solutions involving the electrification of existing port facilities as an alternative to diesel-based propulsion and hydrogen propulsion technologies will be analysed along with the development of port liquid hydrogen bunkering networks in the future”, explains the head of the research team, Dr Ernest Czermanski.

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